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To retrieve your license information, enter the email address you used when placing your order. The license information for all your purchased products will be emailed to you.

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Please, before submitting a support question, be sure to read through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the application in questions. You can view the FAQ for each product on the product page.

If you have read through the FAQ and still have a support question or issue, please send us a support email by filling out the online support form. We will respond to these support emails as quickly as possible.

Refund Policy Refund Policy

If you have problems with any of our products that cannot be resolved through support, you can request a full refund. This refund offer is valid up to 30 days after purchase. After 30 days, refunds will not longer be available.

iPhone/iPad apps
Refunds for iPhone/iPad apps must be done through iTunes Store Customer Support.

Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

Purple Ghost Software will never sell or distribute your personal information to a third party, except when necessary to provide a purchased product or service.

We will never e-mail you unless you've asked us to.

We will never store or retain your full credit card details.

We keep specific order information to provide future service, such as re-sending lost license keys. We take reasonable precautions to ensure the protection of all such personal information.

Warning Why is Windows indicating the downloaded program may harm my computer?

This is due to Microsoft's SmartScreen Application Reputation service. This service is meant to help verify the identity of desktop applications and may trigger warnings when download one of our Windows applications such as iRepo, iGadget or TuneJack.

This system insures that you are downloading an application that hasn't been tampered with, but it also introduces errant warnings, especially with newly released software applications and updates, such as new releases of Purple Ghost Software products.

Don't worry if you see this warning when you download and install our software products. All our applications are digitally signed and have valid certificates. You can verify this yourself by viewing the properties of the installer application. These warnings will go away as more and more people download the new releases.

When you first download the installer from the website, you may see a message like the following at the bottom of the page.

If you View Downloads, you may see something like this:

When you run the installer, you may see a message like the following:

If you see this, simply click the "More info" link and it will expand to show you the following:

You will see that "Purple Ghost Software, Inc" is the publisher and you'll then know it is a valid file. So, you can then go ahead and click the "Run anayway" button and the installer will run.

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