Steampunk style nightstand alarm clock

Steam Desk is an alarm clock with a steampunk style. Not only is this a great alarm clock, but you also shows your calendar items and weather forecast for the next couple days so when you wake up in the morning, you can get a quick idea of the day ahead.


Current Time

Current Time
Steam Desk displays the current time at the top of the screen in large digits that look like old-school Nixie tubes.

The time will be displayed in either 24 or 12 hour format depending on your settings.

In the Settings app, you can customize how the LED's separating the hours/minutes/seconds are displayed. You can have the flashing, constantly on or turn them off completely.

Dual Alarm

Dual Alarms
There are two alarms you can set. Each alarm can be set to one of two alarm sounds or to play songs in a custom iTunes playlist.

Calendar Items

Calendar Items
Steam Desk will display calendar items for the next two days. The calendar items to display come from the entries in the Apple Calendar app on the iPad.

Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast
Steam Desk can display your local weather forecast for the next couple days. The location for the forecast is based on the zip code which is set in the Settings app.

Weather Warnings

Weather Warnings
Steam Desk can monitor your local area for National Weather Service alerts and will display any alerts along the bottom of the screen. If a severe alert is active, Steam Desk will sound an alarm to let you know you need to take action for your safety.

iOS icon System Requirements
  • Any iPad
  • iOS 5.1 or later
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Why am I getting an error downloading Steam Desk from the App Store?

If you are receiving an error in the App Store when attempting to download Steam Desk, you can get the issue resolved by going to iTunes Store Customer Support.

What do I do if I have billing or purchasing issues with Steam Desk?

To resolve billing or purchasing issues, you can get your issue resolved at iTunes Store Customer Support.

How do I set the location for weather?

The weather forecast is based on the zip code setup in the Settings app. To change this, open the Settings app and go to the Steam Desk entry and change the zip code for the entry labeled "Local Zip Code".

In this same settings area, you can also specify a National Weather Service county or zone code. This will be used by Steam Desk to let it know which area to monitor for weather alerts (such as tornado and storm warnings). You can find a list of codes at