Defend the galaxy from the alien invasion

Star Ops puts you in command of a galactic starship to defend the United Syndicate of Worlds from an alien enemy known as the Klaxons!

Game Information


Star Ops is based on the very old text based game "STAR TREK" written by Mike Mayfield back in 1972. Ever since then, all kinds of programmers have taken his code and added to it and created multiple versions on all kinds of platforms. I felt a version for iPhone and iPad was in order so I set out to do so myself. I hope I have done Mike's original code justice in bringing it into the 21st century on the coolest computers so far (iPhone and iPad).

This initial version was based on Mike's original version and thus doesn't have many of the features that were added by various programmers later on (such as super novas, black holes, and more). I wanted to keep the original version of Star Ops as close to Mike's original vision as possible. However, I am planning on adding some of those other features in later versions. Of course, I did not use any of the names from "Star Trek" but you can enter any names you want through the app settings.

Star Ops Overview

In Star Ops, the United Syndicate of Worlds (USW) is a federation of worlds throughout the galaxy united together to help and protect each other from enemy forces. One of the USW's enemies is known as the Klaxons and a Klaxon invasion force has been detected entering the USW's territory.

As commander of the starship Excalibur, your mission is to locate and destroy the Klaxon invasion force before they destroy the USW.


All the ships systems are accessed via a futuristic interface. The interface is broken up into three sections. There is a "Status Report" section that displays important information such as how much energy you have left, the energy left in the ship's shields, the number of torpedoes remaining, how many days you are left to complete your mission, the number of enemy ships remaining in the galaxy and your current location in the galaxy.

There is a scanner section that shows the readout of the currently selected scanner. Your ship is equipped with both short range and long range scanners. As you perform long range scans, the ships computer accumulates the scan data and this information can be displayed by accessing the Galactic Record scan.

The third section of the interface is the control area. This section presents controls that allow you to control the various ship's systems (navigation, weapons, shields, damage control and communications).


The Excalibur is outfitted with torpedoes and phased energy weapons you can use to destroy the Klaxon ships. Your stockpile of torpedoes is limited and the phasers consume precious energy from the ships energy reserve. The ships energy reserve is also needed to power the ship's engines. If you ever run out of energy, the Excalibur will be floating dead in space and the Klaxon force will succeed in their mission to destroy the USW.


Throughout the galaxy, you will not only find enemy ships, but USW starbases as well. If you run across a starbase, you can dock with it by maneuvering your ship into an adjacent sector. When you dock with a starbase, your ship's supply of torpedos and energy will be replenished.


The ship's scanners display the galaxy as an 8 x 8 grid of quadrants. Each quadrant is subsequently divided into a 10 x 10 grid of sectors. Your ship's short range scanner displays all the sectors in the current quadrant your ship is in. Each sector can contain either an enemy ship, a starbase or a star. Your torpedoes cannot be fired through a star as the star simply destroy the torpedo before it reaches its destination. The ships phasers, however, are not blocked by stars.


The ship's engines are used to maneuver the ship around the galaxy. The Excalibur is equipped with both warp and impulse engines. The warp engines are used to maneuver the ship to another quadrant and the impulse engines maneuver the ship to another sector. The engines have multiple settings which determines how far the ship travels. Each warp factor will move the ship the distance of one quadrant and each impulse factor will move the ship one sector.

Damage Control

While flying through the galaxy, the various ship's systems may become damaged. You can see the status of all your system by accessing the Damage Control interface. Damaged systems are repaired by Damage Control personnel at the rate of one damage unit per day.

iOS logo System Requirements
  • Any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
  • iOS 3.2 or later
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Why am I getting an error downloading Star Ops from the App Store?

If you are receiving an error in the App Store when attempting to download Star Ops, you can get the issue resolved by going to iTunes Store Customer Support.

What do I do if I have billing or purchasing issues with Star Ops?

To resolve billing or purchasing issues, you can get your issue resolved at iTunes Store Customer Support.