iGadget iGadgetfor Mac and Windows

Not only copy songs and videos off any iPod, iPhone or iPad, with iGadget you will realize the full potential of your iPod. You will be able to transform your iPod into much more than a simple music player.

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iRepo iRepofor Mac and Windows

iRepo is a very easy to use utility to copy songs off iPods, iPhones, and iPad. You simply connect your device and it will show you all the songs that are on the iPod/iPad/iPhone. You can then easily select which songs you want to transfer and then tell iRepo to start transferring.

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Farnsworth Farnsworthfor Mac

Farnsworth is a very simple to use podcast and live stream viewing application for your Mac.

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TuneJack TuneJackfor Windows

TuneJack is a very easy to use utility to transfer songs off your iPod, iPad, iPod touch and/or iPhone. It walks you right through the process. It makes it effortless to copy all the songs that are on the iPod, iPad, and/or iPhone to your PC.

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iRingtunes iRingtunesfor Mac and Windows

iRingtunes is a very easy to use iPhone ringtone creator. You can easily create ringtones for your iPhone from any unprotected songs in your entire iTunes library.

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Ben Alert Ben Alertfor iOS and Android

Amber Alert for lost pets

Have you pet run away? Ben Alert can help you with the search effort to find your lost pet. Ben Alert was created as a way to alert the public about lost pets in their area, much like an Amber Alert does for missing children.

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Scry Scryfor iOS

Scry is a quick reference to the D20 v3.5 SRD (System Reference Document). This consists of races, classes, feats, skills, spells, magic items, monsters and psionic powers compatible with the d20 System version of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and other various role playing games from Wizards of the Coast.

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Steam Desk Steam Deskfor iPad

Steam Desk is an alarm clock with a steampunk style. Not only is this a great alarm clock, but you also shows your calendar items and weather forecast for the next couple days so when you wake up in the morning, you can get a quick idea of the day ahead.

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