Portable App Description (PAD) Fabricator


We're sorry to announce that PAD Fab has been discontinued.

The reason is that with the release of the PAD 4.0 specification, the ASP has officially replaced the existing PAD platform with AppVisor and all PAD files will now be hosted there. PAD files no longer will be hosted on your own servers so there is no longer a need for desktop software like PAD Fab to create the PAD files for you. You will do it all online at AppVisor.

PAD Fab is a free Mac utility that allows software authors to create and maintain PAD (Portable Application Description) files.

PAD files provide a standard way for software authors to provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources. This makes it easy for websites and program libraries to automate program listings. With a PAD file, authors can easily submit their software to many software listing sites and then maintain their listings by simply updating the PAD file. You can find out more about PAD at the ASP site.

  • Compliance

    PAD Fab generates XML compliant files that comply with the PAD 3.11 specification. PAD Fab automatically validates each field to the spec as you type. A built-in full PAD verification function is also available for you to check all your PAD entries at once.

  • Compatibly with PAD Gen

    PAD Fab is compatible with .cml and .pml (company and program xml files) generated by PAD Gen which is a Windows PAD generation utility provided free from the ASP. PAD Fab can use the .cml and .pml files generated by PAD Gen.

  • Background

    I had been using PAD Gen for a very long time but started looking for a Mac alternative since now most of my time is spend developing on a Mac now. After much searching and trying various tools (there aren't a whole lot) I didn't find any tools I really liked. I wanted something similar to PAD Gen and couldn't find a good replacement. So, I wrote my own and the result is PAD Fab. I wrote it for myself but I am making it available to any other Mac developers out there that may want it. It's released as freeware but I'd certainly accept donations if you find it useful.

    If you have used PAD Gen in the past, you will probably find PAD Fab to be very familiar as I modeled it after PAD Gen as I found it has really worked well.

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