Keyboard Hotkey Utility

Key Ace is an easy to use hotkey utility used to assign actions to any key combination on your keyboard.

You can create hotkeys to launch applications, control iTunes, adjust system volume and more.

  • Hot Keys

    You can specify any key combination to be used as the hotkey to activate the specified action. For example, you can specify that you want Ctrl+F5 to activate Expose, Command+Shift+Option+P to play/pause iTunes, etc.

  • Actions

    There are many actions you can specify for a hotkey. These include controlling iTunes (play/pause, next track, prior track, stop), launch any application on your system, open any website URL, eject your CD/DVD, adjust system volume up/down, and send any keystroke.

  • HotKey Availability

    You add hotkeys to groups and each group can be setup to have the hotkeys in that group work in all applications, work in only the specified applications or to work in all except the specified applications.

  • Preference Pane

    Key Ace installs as a system preference pane. This makes it easy to quickly change hotkeys and change Key Ace settings.

  • Preference Pane

    After installing the Key Ace preference pane, you access it by going to the System Preferences and the Key Ace preference pane will be listed there. You go there to add hotkeys and start/stop the Key Ace agent. When the Key Ace agent is stopped, the hotkeys will not be processed. When running, the Key Ace agent runs in the background and you will see a Key Ace icon in the system status bar at the top of the screen (unless you have this option turned off).

  • Growl Notifications

    Key Ace supports Growl notifications. Growl allows many applications (now including Key Ace) to unintrusively tell you when things happen. Please see the Growl website for more information.

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