iPod/iPhone/iPad Transfer Product Comparison


We often get questions asking what the difference is between iGadget, iRepo and TuneJack. On this page I will explain in plain english what the differences are so you can determine which product is the best fit for you.

The one thing all these applications have in common is that they all allow you to transfer songs, videos and podcasts from any iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer. Beyond that, these programs each offer different abilities.


iGadget is the program that started it all. This is the first program I created for iPods and could be considered the "father" of both iRepo and TuneJack. That is, it allows you to view all the tracks on any iPod, iPhone or iPad and select which items you want to transfer to your computer. You can select one track or all the tracks or any mix of tracks you desire.

Beyond song/video transfer, iGadget also has a host of other features that allow you to put all sorts of useful information onto your iPod. This includes things like driving directions, gas prices, Microsoft Outlook data, movie show times, and more. The full list of things can be seen on the iGadget page.


TuneJack was the second program created. After iGadget had been out for a while we found that a number of our customers would like a simplified way of transferring songs from iPods to their computers. They wanted a very easy to use program that did just that. They had no need for any of the other features offered by iGadget.

So, TuneJack was born. It was designed to be as simple as possible for somebody to simply copy all the songs/videos from an iPod, iPhone or iPad to their computer. This program consists of a single screen that visually goes through a series of steps that walks you through the process of transferring songs.


After TuneJack was out for a while, some people liked the idea of a utility that only transferred songs/video like TuneJack, but they wanted the flexibility offered by the song transfer ability of iGadget. But, they didn't need all the other features offered by iGadget.

So, iRepo was born. iRepo uses the exact same music/video and playlist transfer function as iGadget but that is all it has. All the other features of iGadget do not exit in iRepo.


So, the short of it is this: All off the above applications will let you transfer songs and videos from any iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer.

If you want any of the additionally features provided by iGadget the choice is simple: Get iGadget.

If the only need you have is to transfer songs/videos from an iPod/iPhone/iPad, you can save some money by picking up iRepo or TuneJack instead.

  • If you are running on a Mac, you want iRepo X.
  • If you are running on Windows, you can choose either iRepo or TuneJack. The main difference between these two is that TuneJack will always transfer all the songs/videos from the selected iPod/iPhone/iPad to your computer that you don't already have in iTunes. iRepo, on the other hand, let's you see the list of tracks on the iPod/iPhone/iPad and allows you to select which of those tracks you want to transfer. So, if you want to pick and choose which tracks you want, iRepo is your choice. If you want to make things as simple as possible and just copy over everything you don't have already, TuneJack is for you.

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