About Purple Ghost Software

Our Mission

At Purple Ghost Software we are committed to providing great apps with great support at very reasonable prices.

Who we are

Purple Ghost Software consists of two people. That is, Mark Reddick and his wonderful wife, Sue. Mark is the developer of all the products and handles all support personally. Sue takes care of the business side of things.

How it all Started

It all started back in 2003 when I decided he wanted to get an MP3 player. After much research I decided I wanted to get an Apple iPod. I loved it but wanted to see if there was other things I could do with it. So I went online and ran across iPodLounge.com (now iLounge.com). This site provided me with much valuable information about the iPod and forums that had a lot of knowledgable, helpful and friendly people. Browsing the site I found several applications that did do some neat things with iPods but I found I wanted features of several different applications and many of them did a lot more than I wanted.

So, I thought about it and figured I should just try writing my own application that does everything I wanted and just what I wanted. So, I worked on it for a while and came up with what I named "iPod Agent". It didn't do a whole lot, but just the features I really wanted. I developed it with the intention of just creating it for my own use. But, I found it worked perfect for me and figured other people may like it as well. So, I put it up on my own personal website and posted information about it in the iPod Lounge forums. I offered it for free and asked for feedback. To my great surprise, a lot of people tried it out and really liked it. I got a lot of requests for added features and enhancements and I went ahead and added many of the requested features and often posted new versions. People liked it better and better and a lot more people started using it.

After a while, with all the requests people kept giving me, I found I was spending a lot of time working on this little project of mine. I figured if I was to continue working on it so much, I should see if people would be willing to pay for it to help me rationalize the time I was putting into it. So, I started selling it as shareware and was again pleasantly surprised to find people started paying for it. So, this encouraged me and so I continued adding features people requested and the sales kept increasing. I found as time went on that I was spending more and more time on this and most of my evenings after work were spent adding features and answering support emails from my customers.

I finally convinced my wife that if this was going to continue growing I'd have to quit my "real" job and do this full time. We were both a bit scared about doing this as we'd no longer have the security of knowing I had a steady paycheck coming. But, in 2005 we took the gamble and Purple Ghost Software, Inc. was born.

- Mark

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